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It was a pretty afternoon in Huntington Beach. Waves were crashing against the shore, the sun showing off its beauty, and the water as beautiful and welcoming as always. Beachgoers were scattered around laying lethargically upon there towels meanwhile surfers were riding the waves. Out of all places this is were any of the Lynches would rather be than where they were now. Being stuck at home was not part of the gameplan.


“But Dad! I promised Mercedes I’d meet her at the beach! I can’t just not show up!” Riker complained. Even though he was a grown man, being famous came with his cons. For example, not being to go where you want because of an interview for a magazine.


Mark stood up, “Riker, for the last time. You can not go. But if you want you can invite Mercedes over instead and take her to the interview. But you, are not allowed to leave this house, only if I say so, understood?”


Riker grumbed to himself, saying how he was an adult and he shouldn’t let his dad boss him around. But he had to go with his dads rules and text Mercedes the change of plans. He was mad that he was unable to go to the beach and surf with his girlfriend but this has to be done or the Warblers wouldn’t be the Warblers without him.


“So if the square root of nine is three how do you find the variable ‘a’?” Lectured Ms. Husband to her class filled with geometry students. She spotted a straggler who was looking outside the window and gave a small smirk. She struted up to the pupil’s desk and slammed her Expo marker on the desk. Everyone in the class turned around.


“Ryland Lynch, you need to get a job,” Turning on her heels and walking away as she continued lecturing. He knew the answer just as much as his other classmates did: He needed to get a job so he could pay attention. He knew he should pay attention but the though of his girlfriend finally coming home tonight after not seeing her all winter break were consuming his thoughts. And it was his thought that they didn’t see each other was because he was touring with his family and she decided to go visit family for Christmas.  But Ryland had not daydreamed what was coming ahead.


Rocky was lounging in his room thinking about the concert he preformed in New Jersey. Nicole. That was her name. At least that’s what he thinks it was. A piece of paper with her number on it has been burning a hole through his pants because he wanted to call her but this was a special case. He had never felt so anxious and flustered to call a girl. For the past week he had been planning out what to say in every situation. He got up and subtly closed the door so no one would barge into his room while he was calling her. He walked over to the desk where had last seen the paper.


He opened the box he had put the paper in so he wouldn’t lose it, “Shoot.” The box was empty. 

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Hey when are you gonna post the new fanfic? I really want to read it!! :P haha

T O N I G H T. And thats a promise! Sorry haha my sport season just finished and I have less homework so i’m doing every imagine and uploading A LOT of the fanfic!

When people say my OTP isn’t real.



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no problem:) AND NO. YOU’RE PERFECT.

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Can you make a like cute imagine for Ross and I, my name is Christine

Yes I can:) 

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Yes i can:)

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yes I can but I can’t include your name cause I don’t know your name

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Hi my names Kim can please have an imagine with Riker .Your imagines are great by the way.

THANK YOU SO MUCH:) yes you can:)